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    Our Aims & Objective
    The major objectives of the project are as follows:

  • The Tripurainfo Centre will be envisioned as the front-end delivery points for private and social sector services to the citizens of Tripura and initially for the Agartala city People.
  • The objective of the project is not merely to roll out IT infrastructure but to build a network of businesses across Agartala/Tripura. To that effect, the project has been designed to create a value proposition for all stakeholders and alignment of their economic interests.
  • In its basic form, the key role of the centre will be to handle the telephone calls from the customers for their specific needs and get back to them with a proper solution.
  • To establish a network of different service providers/stake holders by creating a database with their contact address & telephone numbers.
    Aim of the Project
  • Provide citizen centric services in a convenient and efficient manner.
  • Enhance the accountability, transpaerency and responsiveness of the private & social sector to citizen’s needs.
  • Provide effcient and cost effective methods of service delivery to the Citizens.
  • Allow private and social sector to collaborate with the Centre to offer their services.
  • Encourage entrepreneurs in a new trend of business and IT management skills.
  • Empower the Citizen through information dissermination and market linkages.

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