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           Council of Ministers           
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Shri Aghore Debbarma
Minister for Agriculture,Tribal Welfare (Excluding TRP, PTG) and Animal Resource Development
(0381) 241-4043
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Shri Badal Choudhury
Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Revenue and Public Works(Excluding Drinking water and sanitation)
(0381) 241-4055/4060
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Shri Bhanu Lal Saha
Minister for Finance, Food, Civil supplies and Consumers Affaires, Information and Cultural Affairs
(0381) 241-4005/4040
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Shri Khangendra Jamatia
Minister for Co-operation,Fisheries and Home (Fire service)
(0381) 241-3224
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Shri Manik Dey
Minister for Power,Urban Development,Rural Development (Panchayat) and Transport
(0381) 241-3286
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Shri Manindra Reang
Minister for Tribal Welfare (TRP & PTG),Home (Jail) and GA(Printing and Stationary)
(0381) 241-3388
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Shri Naresh Chandra Jamatia
Minister for Forest, Rural Development (excluding Panchayat), Election
(0381) 241-4047
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Shri Ratan Bhowmik
Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Cast ,Public Works (Drinking Water and Sanitation) and Tourism
(0381) 241-3366

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Shri Sahid Choudhury
Minister for Minority Development,Labour and Education(Sports and Youth Affairs)
(0381) 241-4007
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Shri Tapan Chakraborty
Minister for Education (School & Higher), Industries & Commerce (including IT) and Law
(0381) 241-3276
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Smt.Bijita Nath
Minister for Social Welfare & Social Education,Welfare of OBC and Science, Technology and Environment
(0381) 241-4063
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