Info’s Mega Quiz: A Knowledge Festival

Subhash Das

If someone is asked, now a days, in Agartala what event do you eagerly wait for throughout the year in your city? Definitely answer will be – "Durga Puja", "New Year's Day", Chhandaneer's "Kabipronam" and "INFO's Mega Quiz". Particularly from most of the youngsters. Starting in 2006, Tripurainfo's Mega Quiz event virtually has acquired a status of a yearly knowledge festival at present. Recently Agartalites had the opportunity of witnessing the rousing 8th such "Mega Quiz" program of Tripurainfo at Agartala Town Hall on the 7th Day of July 2013. From 9 o' clock itself, enthusiastic youth, students, teachers and other sections of knowledge - mongers started thronging the town hall. Entire Town Hall premise took a festive look. Everybody wanted a seat in the hall. But seats are numbered. Many had to share the lawns, corridors, corners and other outer premises of the Hall here and there.

At about 12 noon, Mr. Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister of the State, formally flagged off the occasion in presence of other guests and dignitaries. Before that 16 teams, each having two heads, out of hundreds of teams, already took position on the dais to face each other in the knowledge fight. Like every year Chief Minister's inspiring inaugural deliberation greatly added to the overall temperament of the Show. He wanted the Info men to also come forward to organize interesting programs like Ex - tempore speech and debate competition etc in addition to "Quiz" which might be further encouraging and thought- provoking for the new generation people.

Thereafter, renowned Quiz Masters Bharat Jain, Nandu Panikkar and Abhijeet Bhattacharjee had simply stirred the crowded hall with their delightful presentation, interaction and agitating information. They also received thunderous applause and thoughtful knowledge bites from the vibrant audience. This was really an episode of Synthesis of Knowledge and information all the day in the town hall. Among the competitors finally Swarup Mitra and Joydeep Chakraborty came out with flying colours. Congratulations Swarup Mitra and Joydeep Chakraborty.

Last but not the least is the plethora of food, bevereages and snacks liberally distributed by the organizers with help from sponsors and this ,needless to say, was an added attraction . Apart from this , the fact that Infoquiz has come a long way over the past eight years was also borne out by the enthusiastic sponsorship extended to the programme by government , private bodies and business houses . In fact no body had to be nudged or persuaded to extend sponsorship . This is speaks volumes of the distance travelled by's mega quiz.

However this encouraging informative, educative and useful Quiz show of Tripurainfo will surely go a long way to reach a new horizon of knowledge - thrust.

Long live "Mega Quiz", Long Live "Tripurainfo".

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12/07/2013 13:22:30Santosh Malakarsantomalakar19@rediffmail.comWe students from here in our area, look forward to going to the quiz programme every year. We always anxious to see more quiz programme in all districts. Please arrange more quiz district wise Tripurainfo Owners.
14/07/2013 06:16:18Santanu Baniksantanubanik@hotmail.comDear Organizers of MegaQuiz,Considering huge success of the Mega Quiz and tremendous response from people of all sections of the society, I feel it is the time to expand this 'talent search' job to the remote part of the state. I hope to see Tripurainfo Mega Quiz 2014 (9th year) to start with selection at the district level by organizing quiz shows in the district headquarters. The district level selected candidates than can compete at the final to be held in Agartala. This way tripurainfo will be able to reach every nook & corner of the state and mainly, it will help youths & students in interior to get a platform to success.All the best!!