Cabinet resolves to create 13 new blocks, 4 Nagar Panchayats, expand AMC

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Aug 13, 2013 : The state cabinet on Tuesday resolved to further bifurcate blocks and create new Nagar Panchayats as a part of the effort of extending decentralization of administration. Addressing a press conference at the civil secretariat here today, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said, 13 new blocks has been added to the existing list of 45 blocks. The new blocks are Bamutia, Old Agartala, Belbari, Charilam, Mohanbhog, Kalachari, Laljuri, Tepania, Poangbari, Bharatchandranagar, Raishyabari etc. New Gram Panchayats would be added to Boxanagar, Kathaliya and Kakraban blocks. New Nagar Panchayats would be created at the newly created sub-divisional headquarters at Panisagar, Melagarh, Mohanpur and Jirania. The new administrational units are scheduled to start operation from September, Chief Minister Sarkar said.

He also said that the Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) areas would be widened during the same initiative of bifurcation. Some Gram Panchayats like Hapania, Gajaria would fully come inside the periphery of AMC while others like Hapania, Singerbil, Narsingarh would have few wards included inside the municipal area. The overall area of the Agartala Municipal Council is currently 58.184 square Km which would be raised to 76.504 Square Km at completion of the restructuring. Population living inside AMC areas would also rise from 3 lakh 58 thousand 338 to 4 lakh 38 thousand 408.

The Department for Urban Development (UDD) has been asked to conduct a study for figuring out prospects of making a municipal corporation out of AMC. “Our rules say that a civic area can be declared a municipal corporation with 5 lakh or above population. However, several cities in other states are now declaring themselves as corporation barely with 2 lakh population. We are considering prospects of changing the rules”, the CM said.

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13/09/2013 13:02:14biswas subhankarbiswas037@gmail.comThanks you Mr. Manik Sarkar. Thanks all ministers.
16/08/2013 14:53:57Raman Nathramani.nath@yahoo.comI think big administrative hubs should also be made in far remote areas to cover overall areal development. So, Kanchanpur should be enlisted in Nagar Panchayet list in near future.
14/08/2013 09:04:34Rajesh Sarkarsrajesh061@gmail.comThis is a great decision. But there is shortage of me power. Its need to take a step about it.