Paranormal Awareness

Paranormal investigator, Biprajeet Saha

From childhood I have been very much interested in helping others and finding out the truth behind some unresolved mysteries about humans, like what happens to humans after he is dead. Is he/she become a ghost!! Do they really exist? To know more about these I enrolled myself in Flamel College and became a Paranormal Investigator.

As a Paranormal Investigator I am writing this article to spread awareness and knowledge among people,what actually paranormal stands for and what people conceive wrongly about ghosts and spirits.The word PARANORMAL means activity that is beyond the normal, that we donot have a reasonable explanation for. Basically people understand the word paranormal as ghost,spirits,demons but it is also supposed be a supernatural power.

What people think-“Ghost & spirit are harmful,as they cause harm to us”-is the common belief but this is not the thing.First of all I would like to say that ghosts and spirits are not same. Ghosts do not harm people. Ghost is the residual energy of a person or an animal. There is no life force left,a ghost simply plays the same scene over and over as in the past. Ghosts are earth-bound. On the other hand spirits are those who have already passed away and can freely travel between both realms.

There are two types of spirits:-
1.Human Spirit,
2.Inhuman Spirit.

Human Spirits do not harm people, they are helpful, you may talk with them. Human Spirits are friendly to people.

Inhuman Spirits are what the name implies. They harm people but they are very rare. Inhuman Spirits never lived as a human beings. If you feel the presence of Inhuman Spirit then you must be in a trouble and you need to consult with paranormal experts. We also know them as Shaitaan, Vetaal,Jinns.

How you will know that a place is haunted?
Places that are haunted are usually believed to be associated with some occurrence or emotions in the ghost’s past; aside from actual ghost apparitions, traditional signs of haunting range from strange noise, blinking of lights, odours or breezes, displacement of objects, bells that rings spontaneously or some musical instruments, sudden fall in temperature in room without any reason as you see in horror movies. If you notice these kinds of changes in your house then you house may be haunted. A paranormal investigator can help to mitigate the situation.

What to do if you encounter any paranormal activity?

  • Don’t be afraid and also never show braveness.

  • Never lose your confidence and don’t forget who you are.

  • Don’t freak out and try to keep your mind cool.

  • If spirits give the signs of their presence , there might be a reason behind it,do not be afraid and freak out, stay calm in that situation. And Believe me no one can harm you.

  • Spirit Possession- A spirit possession is when a spirit is able to either temporarily or permanently take over the thinking or body functions of a living person. If you are strong and confident , no one can possesses you in this world.

    Ghosts and spirits are the form of energies like ElectroMagnetic Field. Whenever at a place spirit/ghost is sighted the Electro Magnetic Fields(EMF) reading at that place goes high,but these EMF can be generated by electrical wires, television and many more other electrical appliances.So,these Electro Magnetic Fields are studied. As these EMF readings(of spirits)are entirely different from the EMF reading of those electrical appliances.

    In investigation we use mainly EMF meter,Infrared Thermometer,EVP recorder and digital camera to detect any paranormal activity.
    Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP Recorder) is used to record any voice or sound which we cannot hear. In this recorder there are extra sensitive microphones which record those sounds from surroundings. And IR Thermometer is used to detect coldspots. Coldspots are also a sign of presence of paranormal activity.

    Indian Paranormal Society (NGO) is the first ever scientific investigating and research team in India founded by Gaurav Tiwari. They are professional paranormal investigators and investigate many haunted places in India.

    If you think that your house is haunted and want to investigate then contact us. You can also report any paranormal activity in your area through email.

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