Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary on the revival path

Prabir Sil

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, located in North district’s Panisagar subdivision is home to over 50 species of birds of the total 400 plus species of birds in the state.

The sanctuary is a paradise for botanists, environmentalists, ecologists and people who have deep interest in wildlife. It is a world in itself and its inhabitants are several species of wild animals, birds, primates and reptiles. It would be a real pleasure to explore the wilderness of the sanctuary. The wonderful vegetation of the sanctuary consists of herbs of great medicinal importance, aromatic plants, fruits, fodder, spices, horticulture plants, ornamental flowers, spices and orchids. Spend a day among such a beautiful and refreshing environment and the memory will be long remembered.

A lot of butterfly species are found flying all around the sanctuary.

Barking deers, snakes, porcupine, Himalyan black scurriles, rich bio diversity and many more wild animals are also available in the so-far neglected wildlife sanctuary.

Some water bodies, having water bearing capacity would be added advantage to make it more attractive for the nature lovers. But much has not been done yet because of various reasons.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary spreading over less than one km would have been a must- visit spot if proper planning and implementation are being done.

It seems fortune is started rolling in favour of Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary with upward trend in the footfalls of nature lovers day by day. “In the entire North district, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as green spot…. It looks vermilion on the forehead of woman! We must protect the rich biodiversity of the sanctuary”, said District Forest Officer (DFO), North district Jayakrishnan JK.

We have already submitted an action plan to make it more attractive by protecting the rich biodiversity and ecological balance in the area, he said adding that entire area of the sanctuary would be fenced to prevent encroachment or other illegal activities.

“As part of the action plan, the department has already sanctioned Rs. 10 lakh to undertake fencing work at the earliest. We are also on the move to complete the fencing along the sanctuary”, he stated.

Besides, habitation plantation would be raised in one hectare inside the wildlife sanctuary so that wild animals feel comfortable. “It is true some spots were highly exposed in Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary due to illegal activities over the years. Now, revival plan has been chalked out and will do whatever we can do to bring back old days for the sanctuary”, he pointed out.

Under the action plan, a new interpretation centre would be established inside the sanctuary so that people could know about it.

Wildlife Warden of Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary Neeraj K. Chanchal said footfall of nature lovers in the sanctuary is growing up with every passing day. “It will go up further if the action plan is implemented properly. Once the fencing is done, the sanctuary will be safe from all sort of illegal activities”, added he.

Location: North Tripura district, a 150- km drive from Agartala

Main attraction: Flora and Fauna

Best time to visit: Round the year

Climate: Hot and humid in summer, pleasant in winter

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23/02/2017 13:30:27Sumitra Dassumitradas.sagar@gmail.comNice article sir ............
25/02/2017 02:16:53Micowber Debbarmadebbarmamicowber@gmail.comNorthern District Forest Officer (DFO) Jayakrishnan JK, Rowa sanctuary is rich in biodiversity and ecological balance in order to meet the plan has been submitted, it was very good to me.Good article, thank you sir...
25/02/2017 11:43:01Mitan Sahasahamitan10@gmail.comNice article...
01/03/2017 15:03:40Pradip Sarkarpradipsarkar169@gmail.comGood write up.
03/03/2017 09:53:55Santasanta123@gmail.comNever knew that such a Wildlife Sanctuary is there in Tripura. Will surely visit next time when i come to Agartala. The article is well articulated also

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