Career Counseling and its Importance after Class 10th and Class 12th

Dr. Mani Shankar Chakraborty

Career Counseling, A important Cog in the Career Wheel

Career counseling professional, career mentors and counselors play an important role for the career aspirants. The emergence of innumerable career options have led to career aspirants opting for their future career path, solely on the basis of hearsay or blindly imitate the bandwagon. This may not look dangerous initially, however, over a period of time one starts to realize the negative ramification. Adds, Suzane Cox, an established career mentor in Singapore, “Career counseling by experts acts as the ideal precursor for the right career choice”.

Who can do be a Career Mentor and a Counselor?

Can anyone be a career mentor or a career counselor? The answer is an emphatic No! Career mentoring or career counseling is more than selling a service to a prospect. It calls for a solid analysis that is done by the experts who are mainly into the teaching-learning domain, with the requisite expertise. Opines, Uma Bhattacharya, Secretary of Kingston Educational Group, Kolkata, “We always ensure the students are adequately mentored and counseled before opting for a career choice, as education is a way of life”. The importance of education is not limited by time frame nor it is shortlived and therefore, it is even more imperative for all concerned stakeholders, viz, students, parents, teachers, cousnelors, mentors to understand the importance of career counseling and career mentoring and opt for the right professional.

What happens in a career mentoring or career counseling session?

Career counseling and career mentoring session takes a career aspirant through a wide range of information and also allows the candidates to undergo a range of tests. These enables the aspirant to know about his or her personality and take the right decision pertaining to the career choices available. He or she should also look into the options and compare the services and value added attributes available, as career is not only joining an institution and pursuing an academic program anymore. It relates to the enhancement of the overall personality of the candidate, in order to make him the right citizen for the country and also a right employee for the right employer at the right time and the right place.

Is it worth paying money for Career Counseling sessions?

Career related investments especially that would allow to gather information and realize one’s personality from a career perspective is indeed a long term investment. Not spending on these aspects related to career and rather wasting money on other non-important cost heads, looks like a silly proposition in the long run. The serious career aspirants always goes the extra mile to register and attend career counseling and mentoring programs, both virtually and in the real life.

What can Career Counseling do to a Career Aspirant?

Career counseling or Career mentoring can open a pandora’s box for a career aspirant. Quite often it is seen that career related dilemmas remains unsolved and one just tries to opt for a career option blindly, by following the career bandwagon. This can be reduced to a very large extent if career aspirants attend these programs. This will enable them to have a realistic picture of themselves, vis-à-vis the range of options available for them.

Who should attend a career counseling session?

Career counseling sessions should necessarily be attended by the career aspirants, their parents, teachers and even career guides. The reason for this is to have an all rounded understanding of a career decision and it’s impact on each and every of the aforementioned stakeholders. The career aspirant while taking a decision may not realize it would have a cascading impact on various other stakeholders, directly and indirectly related to him or her. Maitryee decided to opt for fashion designing as a career, and her father decided to sponsor her education through a bank loan. It was later realized that the institution did not have accreditation from the concerned bodies, as a result of which her degree was considered invalid when it came to knocking the doors of the prospective employers. Many of Maitryee’s juniors also joined the fray, as they considered her a role model and landed up in the same soup. The teachers felt bad as some of their brilliant pupils took a wrong decision and they could not do much at the outset, as they lacked information and means to influence the decision of the students and their parents. It is here career counseling and mentoring play an important role for one and all, and therefore, it is important to cash upon such opportunities.

How should the Career Aspirant behave in a Career Counseling or Mentoring Session

A career enthusiast should be proactive and reactive while attending a career counseling session. Pro activeness would come only if substantial homework is done on the part of the career aspirants. The homework includes information search from various sources, pertaining to various career options, analyzing ones interests and trying to relate those with various career options. More are the questions posed during a career counseling or mentoring session, maximum would be the dividends derived by the candidate. Listening to experts during career related lecture and workshops also enables in opening the mental set-up of the candidate. One such career based program is being held in the Agartala Press Club on the 27th of March 2017, which will bring together some national and international career mentors. Details can be sought by emailing or calling at 8336911928.

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05/03/2017 08:37:27Sumitra Dassumitradas.sagar@gmail.comThanks for the knowledgeable artical sir, keep writing..........
08/03/2017 10:02:20Mitan Sahasahamitan10@gmail.comNice Writing sir....
09/03/2017 05:30:32Pradip Sarkarpradipsarkar169@gmail.comCareer counselling is very important. By this time there are so many career options and courses,it is not possible for a student or guardians to know every possible courses.A professional can give insight of many courses.It is a new concept for Tripura. Very good article.....keep on writing...thanks you.
15/03/2017 06:09:11Aditi Paulpal.adi008@gmail.comCareer counselling is very important of us.But there are some cases in which counselor get failure in suggestion to a person about career line.If you are not able to decide what to do then you can take suggestions from any expert counselor in your city.Always try to consult from career counselor when you are not able to decide what you will do in future. Thanks for the sharing an amazing article.... Keep writing Sir...!!!
21/03/2017 15:23:08Avneet Sarkaravn.sarkar@gmail.comsir nice suggestion ... thank you...

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